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 Post subject: February Indi8 Sneak Peek list super 8 and some 16mm as well
PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2017 5:42 am 
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Super 8....Super 8...Super 8

It Came From Outer Space 400’ Colour Stock (for 3-D effect) Sound B+ £35 OB Well edited U8 release of this classic 1953 3-D sci-fi starring Richard Carlson & Barbara Rush
A Farewell to Arms 4x400’ B/W Sound B+ £65 Gary Cooper & Helen Hayes star in this classic romantic drama set in the battlefields of WW1, as an American ambulance driver falls in love with an English nurse, and the complications of war ultimately follow
Pilatus 50’ Colour Silent B+ £7 OB Take a look at this stunning Mountain that overlooks Lucerne in Switzerland
Lucerne 50’ Colour Silent B+ £7 OB Take a look around this stunning city in Switzerland, this would make a fine companion film to the one above (buy both for £12)
The Living Picture Show 100’ Colour & B/W Sound B+/B £25 OB Derann release of this 100 years of cinema celebration film, compiled in 1996, it shows many highlights from the 1st century of cinema
The Black Hole Trl. 50’ Colour Sound B+ £20 SCOPE Very rare Scope trailer to this Disney sci-fi
Mother Riley Meets The Vampire – Old Mother Riley’s New Venture Trl.s 100’ B/W Sound B+ £25 2 trailers to these very British comedy films from 1949 & 1952, the first even has Bela Lugosi
Herbie – The Love Bug 200’ Colour Sound B+ £16 Nice extract from Disney’s first ‘Herbie’ film
A Pizza Tweety Pie 200’ Colour Sound B+ £14 Granny has taken ‘Tweety’ on vacation to Venice, but that bad old putty tat is always around to pester them, fine W.B.’s cartoon from 1958
Soup’s On 200’ Colour Sound B+ £20 OB Brilliant Donald Duck cartoon from 1948, Donald’s nephews come to lunch, but are filthy from playing outside, and sends them to wash up, yea! Right!
The Band Concert 200’ Colour Sound B+ £20 Mickey Mouse and his band are determined to play their music, despite Donald Duck’s misadventures and a brewing storm, 1935 Disney classic
Iron Ponies 200’ B/W Sound B+/B £25 Documentary looking at toy trains in 1950’s U.S.A., we see how they are designed and made, I’ve never seen this before
The Dapper Dalmatian 200’ Colour Sound B+ £16 OB Lovely extract from the Disney animated classic “101 Dalmatian’s”
South Africa’s Animal Kingdom 200’ B/W Sound B+ £16 OB Walton documentary which shows animals like Lion, Giraffe, Hippo and Crocodile etc.
Frenzy 200’ Colour Sound B+/B £14 OB P/N: Pinky print Castle Films release of this Alfred Hitchcock thriller about a serial killer
The Jolson Story Trl. 50’ Colour Sound £16 Fine musical trailer to this famous biopic
Captain Nemo and the Underwater City – Ice Station Zebra Trl.s 100’ Colour Sound B+ £17 SCOPE P/N: has slight fade Two Cineavision scope trailers, pretty rare now
Gigi Trl. 50’ Colour Sound B+ £17 SCOPE Lovely trailer to this M.G.M. musical classic
Dog Trouble 200’ Colour Sound B+/B £15 Brilliant ‘Tom & Jerry’ cartoon from 1942, Tom chases Jerry straight into the sleeping dog (Spike, named later in the series), who’s not happy, at ALL!
The Flying Cat 200’ Colour Sound B/B+ £15 OB Walton print of this fine ‘Tom & Jerry’ from 1951
The Bride of Frankenstein 200’ B/W Sound B+/B £17 OB Well edited U8 classic horror movie
The Prince and the Dragon 200’ B/W Sound B+ £13 OB Lovely extract from Disney’s animated classic “Sleeping Beauty”
Our Gang – Good Scouts 200’ B/W Silent B+/B £10 OB Vintage comedy with the ‘Our Gang’ kids
Mack Sennetts Crazy Car Races 200’ B/W Silent B+ £20 Some brilliant car stunts dreamt up by Mack Sennett and his team in the silent comedy era, some are still breathtaking even today
Tiger Trouble 200’ Colour Sound B+ £20 OB Brilliant Disney Goofy cartoon from 1945
A Hole in One 200’ B/W Silent B+ £17 OB Based upon one of Aesop’s fables, this was made in 1927 and must be one of the rarest cartoon titles out there, I’ve never seen it before, it seems unplayed also
Carmel & Monterey 100’ Colour Silent B+/B £8 OB P/N: warm colour Take a look at these two Californian towns, Clint Eastwood was the Mayor of Carmel for a time too, unusual!
The Cure 200’ B/W Silent B+ £14 Brilliant Charlie Chaplin comedy from 1917
The Haunted Castle – The Three Musketeers 200’ Colour Sound B+/B £14 OB Hanna-Barbera TV cartoon from 1968, originally aired in the “Banana Splits” show
Dream House 400’ B/W Sound B+ £25 Rare Mack Sennett production from 1932 starring Bing Crosby, Bing plans to marry his girl, but her mother takes her to Hollywood (as you do!) and sends back Bing’s ring, so of to Hollywood goes Bing to get his girl back
The World in Flames – Allied Campaign in Africa 400’ B/W Sound B+/B £25 OB Actual WW2 newsreel footage tells the story of the war in Africa, Mountbatten, Rommel I assume etc.
The Wild Geese 3x400’ Colour Sound B+ £75 Nice print of this Derann release starring Richard Burton, Roger Moore and a host of stars as Mercenaries sent to Africa to free a kidnapped leader
Goldeneye Trl. 50’ Colour Sound B+/B £20 Rare Derann trailer to Pierce Brosnan’s first outing as secret agent James Bond 007, Licensed to kill
North West Corridor 200’ Colour Silent B+/B £25 OB Here’s one for Railway fans, it’s Memories of Steam on the London & North Western line in the 1960’s, it runs at 18 f.p.s.
Creature From the Black Lagoon 400’ Colour Stock (for 3-D effect) Sound B+ £35 OB Well edited U8 release of this classic 1954 3-D sci-fi/horror starring Richard Carlson & Julie Adams
Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines Trl. 50’ Colour Sound £20 SCOPE Rare Derann print of this fine trailer to this all star comedy about early aviation
King Kong Trl. 30’ B/W Sound B+ £12 Rare tease trailer to this 1933 monster classic
Min and Bill 200’ B/W Sound B+ £25 I’ve no idea who released this, it’s an extract from the 1930 feature of the same name starring Marie Dressler & Wallace Beery who own a waterfront Hotel, rare
Figaro and Frankie 200’ Colour Sound B+ £30 OB Ultra rare Derann print of this 1947 Disney cartoon, which features the cat (Figaro) from “Pinocchio”, and is annoyed by the chirpings of Frankie the Canary, this was one of a short series of cartoons to feature Figaro
How the West was Won 200’ Colour Sound B+ £13 OB P/N: warm colour Rarer than the 400’ version, it’s a nice souvenir from this epic western, Gregory Peck, Debbie Reynolds etc.
Feedin’ The Kiddie 200’ Colour Sound B+ £15 OB SCOPE P/N: has slight fade Rare Cineavision Scope print of this 1957 Tom & Jerry cartoon, as Tom, Jerry & Tuffy eat a Thanksgiving dinner
The Gay Divorcee 300’ B/W Sound B+ £20 OB Fine Film Office print of this 1934 Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers musical
Up in the World 4x400’ B/W Sound B to B/B+ £65 Rare print of this 1956 Norman Wisdom comedy, he plays a window cleaner at a country estate who saves the owners son from kidnappers
Green Mountain Railroad on the Rutland (1951-52) 200’ B/W Sound £25 OB Blackhawk Films rerelease that looks at this line which runs in the U.S. state of Vermont filmed between 1951-52
When Steam Was King 200’ B/W Silent B+ £12 OB P/N: has some lab marks Blackhawk Films release looking at the golden days of Steam engines on the Railroad
Wilson, Kepple and Betty 113’ (on 200’ reel) B/W Sound B £20 This is a Perry’s movies print, and shows 2 complete routines from this much loved British variety act of yesteryear, nostalgic & rare!
Corregidor 4x400’ B/W Sound B+/B £55 OB Made in 1943, this is a story about the Philippines Island of Corregidor just after the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, it centres around a Hospital and staff on the island, who try to treat the sick and wounded. as U.S. and Filipino troops try to hold back the advancing Japanese Army. It stars Otto Kruger, Elisa Landi & Donald Woods, rare!
Johann Mouse 200’ Colour Sound B+ £16 OB Walton print of this fine 1952 Tom & Jerry cartoon
150th Anniversary of Steam 200’ Colour Sound B/B+ £13 OB Look at the (then) new York Railway Museum, then a cavalcade of famous locomotives are shown
Jerry and the Goldfish 200’ Colour Silent B+ £8 OB Fine Walton print of this Tom & Jerry cartoon
The Mouse Comes to Dinner 200’ Colour Silent B+ £8 OB Walton Tom & Jerry cartoon
An American in Paris Trl. 100’ Colour Sound B+ £20 Rare Derann print to this M.G.M. musical
Small Town Girl Trl. 50’ Colour Sound B+ £16 Derann trailer to this 1953 musical starring Jane Powell, Farley Grainger and Ann Miller
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Trl. 50’ Colour Sound B+ £16 Maria Montez & Jon Hall star
Arabian Nights Trl. 50’ Colour Sound B+ £16 Sabu, Jon Hall & Maria Montez star
Rock –A- Bye Pinky 200’ Colour Sound B+/B £16 OB Made in 1966, the Pink Panther is trying to sleep on a tree branch, but a nearby camper is snoring so much he can’t sleep, what shall he do!
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 200’ Colour Sound B+ £14 Reasonable print of this classic 1969 western starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford
A Jim Reeves Memorial 200’ Colour Sound B+ £20 OB Fine souvenir of this velvet voiced country and western singer from the early 1960’s, pretty good print too!
Bugs Bunny Rides Again 200’ Colour Sound B+ £12 OB P/N: has some neg marks Warner Bros. Bugs Bunny cartoon featuring Yosemite Sam from 1948
Birds of a Father 200’ Colour Sound B+ £15 Sylvester finds out that his son has a new best friend, a BIRD!, so he decides to tell his son about the facts of FELINE LIFE, yea right, from Sylvester?
Rooster Cogburn 400’ Col Sound B+ £15 OB SCOPE P/N: has slight fade Cineavision Scope print of this ‘True Grit’ sequel starring John Wayne & Katherine Hepburn
Shaft 400’ Colour Sound B+/B £13 OB P/N: only average colour Tough 1970’s thriller starring Richard Roundtree, which has that excellent Oscar winning opening song too!
Home Canning 200’ B/W Sound B+ £15 Edgar Kennedy comedy from1948, pretty rare now!
The Cecil Theatre 100’ B/W Sound B+ £20 The re-opening of the Cecil Theatre in Kingston – upon – Hull, November 1955, that was bombed during WW2, nice Derann short
Jaws 200’ Colour Sound B+/B £20 Lovely edited 200’ from this famous thriller from Steven Spilberg
Guided Muscle 200’ Colour Sound £14 Road Runner toon from 1955, will Wile E. Coyote ever win?
DCR Trailer Reel No.8 – The Boy Who Stole A Million – Ladies Who Do 200’ B/W Sound B+ £25 OB Ultra rare DCR reel, first up is a Charles Crichton directed action adventure comedy about a little boy in Valencia (Spain) who ‘borrows’ a million pesetas so he can help his dad fix his Taxi, but finds himself being chased all over town by Police but criminals too! The second trailer is a 1963 comedy starring Peggy Mount, Robert Morley and Harry H. Corbett, the women are office cleaners who accidently find some hot stock tips, and make a fortune, two long trailers on one reel
Tee For Two 200’ Colour Sound B/B+ £13 OB Walton Tom & Jerry cartoon from 1945
Lady and the Tramp 400’ Colour Sound £22 Both extracts from the Disney animated classic on one reel, lovely animation
The Lone Ranger – Quicksand 2x400’ Colour Sound B+/B £30 P/N: has some fade Ultra rare in the U.K., this episode comes from season 5 (1956) and stars Clayton Moore (The Lone Ranger) and Jay Silverheals (Tonto), and is a good example of this famous TV western series
Carefree 2x400’ B/W Sound B+ £40 Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers musical from 1938, quite well edited to keep a bit of the storyline together with those lovely music and dance numbers
This is York 600’ B/W Sound B+/B £27 P/N: Definition is on the soft side, thus price British Transport Films production from 1953, set in and around York, the film focuses on the arrivals and departures from the mainline station
Can-Can 400’ Colour Sound B+/B £15 Fair print of this musical starring Shirley MacLaine, Frank Sinatra, Maurice Chevalier & Louis Jourdain
Last Train from Gun Hill 400’ Colour Sound B+ £17 OB Fair print of this western adventure from 1959 starring Kirk Douglas and Anthony Quinn
This is British Movietone News 200’ B/W Sound (in 400’ presentation box) B+ £25 OB Derann release of the last ever British Movietone News that looks back through the years starting at 1929
Dastardly and Muttley – Home, Sweet Homing Pigeon 200’ Colour Sound B+ £17 OB Walton print of this Hanna-Barbera TV cartoon, its bonkers, but brilliant at the same time

And Now For Something Completely Different (from me, at least!)

The Gauntlet 2 Reels Colour Sound B+ £150 Nice print (flat) of this 1977 Clint Eastwood cop thriller
Harry and Walter Go to New York 3 Reels Colour Sound B+/B £95 Comedy crime caper movie from 1976 starring James Caan, Elliott Gould & Michael Caine
Blazing Magnum 2 Reels Colour Sound B+/B £65 A little splicey this is a tough cop thriller starring Stuart Whitman from 1976
Never Love A Stranger 3 Reels B/W Sound B+/B £65 Crime drama starring John Drew Barrymore from 1958, we follow the life of an orphan & how he ends up a criminal
Princess Cinderella 2 Reels B/W Sound B+ £65 Dubbed Italian take on the ‘Cinderella’ story, it looks quite nice
The Litterbug 400’ Colour Sound B+/B £25 Disney short from 1961 starring Donald Duck & his nephews all are litterbugs, but a Policman stops them in their tracks and makes them clean up there waste, live action & animation
Tomorrow Today 800’ Col Sound B+/B £8 Has Fade, doc. From the 1970’s
The Pathological Consequences of Hypertension 800’ Col Sound B+ £15 Effects of High Blood pressure on the body, medical documentary
The Wye Valley 600’ Colour Sound B+/B £20 a bit splicey, but it is a Kodachrome print which looks at this beautiful part of Wales
Jewellery Through 7000 Years 1000’ Colour Sound B+/B £30 All forms of jewellery looked at over the ages
Gold 1000’ Colour Sound B+/B £40 We look at the processes and uses of gold
Tour of Washington 1200’ Colour Sound B £25 Needs a new leader, part of the start missing, take a look around the U.S. capital
The Land of Port 1000’ Colour Sound B+ £35 How the spirit is made
The Sand Pebbles 1000’ Colour Sound B+/B £25 SCOPE Extract which includes the scene where they have trouble with the steam engine, has some fade though
The Honeymoon Machine, Pt.1 (800’) & Pt.3 (1600’) Colour Sound SCOPE B+/B £30 A bit splicey and has a red hue, but it does star Steve McQueen (about 51 mins. In total running time)
Volcanoes and Earthquakes 800’ Colour Sound B+ 30 We look at the different types around the world
Famous Fish 400’ Colour Sound B+ £25 Nature documentary looking at fish of all types
Glass 400’ Colour Sound B+/B £25 How glass is made and used in various ways
Making Glass For Houses 400’ B/W Sound B+/B £20 different types of glass used for home uses

Postage Will Be Added At Point Of Sale As I’ve Not Had Time To Weigh The 16mm Films

Please contact me at indi8films@aol.com or TEL: 01992 652792

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