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 Post subject: Eumig Mark 610d
PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2011 8:25 am 
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For a silent projector this is one finely built machine. Very solid construction througout. The adjustable speeds are nice for someone who might want or need this feature, particularly with telecine work. I understand that this machine is a favorite for doing just that. As a dual 8 machine it has a very interesting claw design opposed to what is normally seen with dual 8 projectors. The two claws are spread very far apart and apparently this is a good design choice in a dual 8 machine. My only gripe with this model is that it tends to be a hair noisier than other modern dual 8 machines. I suppose the reason for this is due to the very long claw in the Eumig 600 series which creates this extra noise. The picture is rock steady with a nice bright image due to its 12 volt 100 watt lamp, which makes finding them easy when a replacement is needed. The pre-heated lamp is also a nice feature and really makes the lamps last and last.

Another important note on the Eumig 600 series of machine is that many people find that with some films the machine can be jittery and with others it runs perfectly. Most assume that by applying more pressure in the gate will solve this problem and it does indeed. Often the real problem is that it is the take up reel applying to much pull to the film causing the problems in the film gate. The solution is to open the back of the machine and loosen the nylon nut on the take up reel until it applies just enough force to take up the film without it spilling onto the floor and the problem is no more!!! When the take up reels on sprocketless projectors pull the film too hard it causes the claw to mistrack the film causing the jitteriness, especially on old prints that may have some slight warpage or shrinkage.

Another issue with this machine is the original v-belt, which I don't believe you can find any longer. The substitution being offered is a rubber O-ring which will work well on the later models after serial number 4,333.470, but may in fact slip on the earlier machines made before this serial number. According to the service manual, the tension on the pulldown spring of the claw was reduced for better startup torque. On the earlier machines with the heavier required startup torque an O-ring may slip because the pulley is designed for a V-belt which makes perfect contact on three sides with the pulley, while the O-ring will have much less contact area. The 600 series uses a very stiff movement that requires lots of startup torque because of the special widely spaced double claw in this series of machines, which is very unusual. In fact there is even a special spring that is coiled on the pulley shaft that has to wind up as the motor hits full speed before it starts driving the pulldown mechanism, which is needed to get these machines going from a cold start due to the very stiff mechanism!

A very small machine when compared with most other models. A drawback would be that the front cover has to be unscrewed to clean the gate and film channel, which can be annoying for those that clean these areas frequently. All in all though a very nicely built machine and I must admit I like mine a lot!

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