Not so much a review as an observation
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Author:  Frank Moloney [ Wed Jul 24, 2013 11:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Not so much a review as an observation

That's very interesting Erik. The 24ft screen at my old theatre with 70ft throw was illuminated with a pair of Acme low intensity carbon arc lamps that had been modified to take high intensity 6mm and 7mm carbons. They had feed motors but those needed watching as they often stopped working.
One Sunday morning while the cleaner was working in the theatre, I removed the feed motors intending to take them home to skim the commutaters on my lathe and fit new brushes, but as I was leaving the building. I remembered something I'd left in the projection booth, and placed the feed motors on the floor in the foyer while I went back upstairs. When I got back to the foyer someone had STOLEN the plurry (nice swear word) feed motors because the #&%!* cleaner had not locked the front doors. I had to ring around my friends in theatres to find another pair of arc lamps to use for the Sunday night screening. Luckily I was offered a pair of Peerless Magnarcs but they were stored in a cinema about 160 km away, so you can imagine the speed at which I rushed there to pick up those magnarcs.
I arrived back with about an hour to spare before the screenings started. I quickly placed the lamps behind the two Walturdaw 5 projectors letting them sit unbolted on the bases, then checked their alignment on the screen before threading the first reels of the first feature film. We had a full house that night and those magnarcs gave the best and brightest picture we had ever seen in that old cinema. Yes we did keep those lamp houses and I finished installing them the very next morning.

Wonderful memories, so sad that old theatre was demolished after the recent earthquake damage it suffered, couldn't be repaired.

Author:  Bill Davis [ Sat Mar 11, 2017 6:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Not so much a review as an observation

One concern with any xenon projector is bulb replacement. While I have no experience with xenon projectors I am told the bulbs are very tricky to replace and you almost have to send them to someone like Leon Norris, Richard Burgess or Richard Patchett to change the bulb.

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