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 Post subject: FOR SALE: Various Projector Lamps.
PostPosted: Mon Sep 21, 2015 12:47 pm 
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Various Projection Lamps for Sale.
Suitable for:
8mm, Super 8, 9.5mm and 16mm Cine projectors.
35mm Slide film and OHP Overhead projectors.

All lamps are new and unused, but most are of old stock.
Brands include Atlas,Osram,Philips, Mazda and Sylvania.
All are in there original packing, unless stated otherwise.

Telephone Stuart on 01235 772416
E-mail stumusic@tiscali.co.uk

A1/4 240V 100W £10
A1/5 240V 250W £10
A1/6 240V 300W £10
A1/8 240V 500W £10
A1/9 110V 750W £10
A1/9 240v 750w £10
A1/11 250V 1000W £10
A1/21 115V 100W £10
A1/37 240v 300w £10
A1/39 115V 400W £10
A1/45 12V 100W £7
A1/52 115V 750 £10
A1/53 115V 750W £10
A1/58 240V 1000W £10
A1/59 240V 1000W £10
F/63 12v 100w £5
A1/86 110V 300W £5
A1/91 110V 1000W £10
A1/19 115V 50W £10
A1/136 6V 108W £7
A1/163 240V 750W £10
A1/167 240v 150w £10
A1/168 240V 150W £10
A1/176 250V 500W £5
A1/177 250V 300W £5
A1/180 240V 500W £10
A1/182 240V 150W £10
A1/186 12V 100W £12
A1/191 110V 1200W £10
A1/197 115V 1200W £10
A1/199 115V 1000W £10
A1/206 240V 750W £10
A1/208 115V 1200W £10
A1/209 12V 100W £2.50
A1/210 21.5 150W £10
A1/211 21.5v 150w £10
A1/215 12V 100W £2.50
A1/216 24V 150W £2.50
A1/220 12V 50W £2
A1/223 24V 250W £2
A1/225 240/250V 50W £6
A1/226 30V 375W £5
A1/227 120V 420W £3
A1/228 120V 600W £3
A1/229 8V 50W £5
A1/230 12V 75W £5
A1/231 12V 100W £5
A1/232 15V 150W £5
A1/233 240V 650W £6
A1/234 15V 150W £2.50
A1/239 36V 400W £5
A1/240 240V 650W £5
A1/241 240V 500W £5
A1/242 240V 1000W £10
A1/244 220-230V 500W £8
A1/245 240V 800W £5
A1/247 240V 650W £5
A1/249 240V 300W £5
A1/250 8V 50W £7
A1/255 240v 800w £7
A1/256 240V 750W £7
A1/259 24V 250W £7
A1/261 12V 100W £4
A1/262 24V 150W £4
A1/264 120V 600W £5
A1/265 240V 625W £7
A1/266 DNF 21V 150W £10
A1/268 240V 500W £5
BSJ 240V 200W £7
CAR 120V 150W £5
CLX 120V 300W £5
DCL 120V 150W £5
DDM 19V 80W £5
DED 13.8V 85W £5
DFK 120-125V 1000W £7
DGF 120V 500W £7
DJT 13.8V 50W £5
EKE 21V 150W £7
ENX 82V 360W £5
EWF 24V 200W £5
DKM 21.5V 250W £5
DXX 240V 800W £5
P1/13 240V 650W £5
P2/12 240V 1250W £5

EXCITER LAMPS at £5 each
G23 5V 6.5A
G29 BRS 4V 0.75A
G40 BSK 6V 1.0A

Combined postage is offered on more than one item.

Telephone Stuart on 01235 772416
E-mail stumusic@tiscali.co.uk

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