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 Post subject: Silent Hall of Fame: Wanted LARRY SEMON films
PostPosted: Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:03 pm 
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Silent Hall of Fame, a California USA based nonprofit organization, works to preserve the legacy of silent movie stars. We are looking to obtain silent films that are unavailable now, but are known to have been in distribution on 16 mm or 8 mm film in earlier decades.
If you have digital copies of such films we will accept those as well.
The films are welcome as a donation, but alternatively we will accept an old-fashioned sale/purchase deal.
Silent Hall of Fame is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization and your donation is tax deductible as a charitable contribution to the fullest extent of the law.
With your donation you will help silent movie stars to receive a better recognition. If you so desire, we will give you a credit for your contribution by stating your name for all to see on our website, with special thanks. In addition, you may be able to reduce your taxes on your next year's tax return.

Below are the LARRY SEMON films on 16 mm or 8 mm that we are looking for:

The Fiddler 1915
Tubby turns the Tables 1916
Terry's Tea Party 1916
Out Ag'in in Ag'in 1916
More Money Than Manners 1916
The Battler 1916
Losing Weight 1916
The Man from Egypt 1916
A Jealous Guy 1916
Romance and Rough House 1916
There and Back 1916
A Villainous Villain 1916
Love and Loot / An Amateur at Heart 1916
Sand Scamps and Strategy 1916
She Who Last Laughs 1916
Walls and Wallops 1916
Jumps and Jaelousy 1916
His Conscious Conscience 1916
Hash and Havoc 1916
Rah! Rah! Rah! 1916
Help! Help! Help! 1916
Shanks and Chivalry 1916
Speed and Spunk 1917
Bears and Bullets / Bullies and Bullets 1917
Jolts and Jewelry 1917
Big Bluffs and Bowling Balls 1917
Somewhere In Any Place 1917
Rips and Rushes 1917
He Never Touched Me 1917
Cops and Cussedness 1917
Masks and Mishaps 1917
Guffs and Gunplay 1917
Pests and Promises 1917
Footlights and Fakers 1917
Turks and Troubles 1917
Dubs and Drygoods 1917
Flatheads and Flivvers 1917
Bombs and Blunders 1917
Hazards and Homeruns 1917
Boasts and Boldness 1917
Worries and Wobbles 1917
Shells and Shivers 1917
Chumps and Chances 1917
Gall and Golf 1917
Slips and Slackers 1917
Risks and Roughnecks 1917
Plans and Pajamas 1917
Sports and Splashes 1917
Roughtoughs and Rooftops 1917
Spooks and Spasms 1917
Noisy Naggers and Nosey Neighbors 1917
Guns and Greasers 1918
Babes and Boobs / Babes and Bombs 1918
Rooms and Rumors 1918
Meddlers and Moonshiners 1918
Stripes and Stumbles 1918
Rummies and Razors 1918
Whistles and Windows 1918
Spies and Spills 1918
Romans and Rascals 1918
Skids and Scalawags 1918
Boodle and Bandits 1918
Hindoos and Hazards 1918
Mutts and Motors 1918
Huns and Hyphens 1918
Traps and Tangles 1919
Well, I'll be 1919
Passing The Buck 1919
The Head Waiter 1919
The Simple Life 1919
Solid Concrete 1920
The Stage Hand 1920
The Hick 1921
The Fall Guy 1921
The Midnight Cabaret 1923
Trouble Brewing 1924
The Plumber's Daughter 1927
Pass The Dumplings 1927
Oh What A Man 1927

Silent Hall of Fame, a nonprofit organization
Preserving the legacy of silent movie stars

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